Shiatsu Square Foot Massager

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  • Combination of Kneading & Rolling to help increase blood circulation & muscle relaxation
  • Automatic massage program with 4 optional modes for a comfortable massage
  • 3 custom modes to target the tip of your toes, arch of the foot, sole of the foot with adjustable kneading speed



The AGARO Square Shiatsu massager uses combination of Kneading & Bi Directional rolling to manipulate the pressure points of the feet for a relaxing massage experience. The massage technique helps in promoting better sleep,Improving blood Circulation and relieving aches and pain.

Product Info

Soothing Kneading Massage

The powerful deep-kneading massage pads work synergically on your feet to relieve pain, muscle tension and other aches.

Stimulation of Sole

The Bi-Directional rollers stimulates the vital reflexology pressure points at the sole of the feet to improve blood circulation, muscle relaxation, increase metabolism and stimulate the vitality of skin.

Customized Massage options

Enjoy the massage either in auto mode or manual mode. Auto mode lets you to choose between four different rhythms denoted by P1,P2,P3, P4 while the manual mode lets you to choose the desired speed and Direction of the rollers.

Washable Cover

The massager comes with a removable and washable cover which makes it easy for you to clean it more often.

Friendly Controls

The integrated touch buttons allows you to select between the controls easily while the LED panel displays the time & massage mode clearly.


  • Manual mode to target your areas such as calves with adjustable speed and two different massaging directions.
  • Can be used while sitting on a chair or lying on a bed to massage different parts like Calves, Arms and Hamstrings
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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