Elegant Leg & Calf Massager

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  • 3 Intensity levels of Air Compression Kneading to choose the desired strength
  • Foot and Legs Massage option to massage a single part or combination of both
  • Mild heat therapy to improve blood circulation



The AGARO Elegant Foot and Calf massager uses Air Compressed Kneading and Bi-Directional Rolling along with Mild Heat therapy to provide a relaxing massage experience. The massage technique helps in promoting better sleep,Improving blood Circulation and relieving aches and pain.

Product Info

Air Compressed Kneading Massage With Vibration

Air compressed kneading massage with vibration on feet and calves relieves fatigue, soothes muscle stiffness, and brings relief from leg pain.

Rolling Foot Massage

The Rolling massage on the foot provides comprehensive care to your feet, including toes, arch and soles providing relief from fatigue, muscle pain and increase blood circulation.

Heat Therapy

The Relaxing massage with the soothing infrared heat therapy can be enjoyed at the same time to melts away fatigue, which brings optimal comfort and relaxation (maximum temperature: 45°C).

Flip Design

The knee can be massaged with both aircompressed kneading and rolling effect by flipping the massage head

Customizable Massage Options

The massager can be used for leg and foot separately. Moreover the kneading, rolling, massage intensity, vibration and heat therapy can be used in various combination to melt away fatigue & increase blood circulation


  • Ideal for massaging Calf, Foot and Knee I Flip up to 140° to massage knee
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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